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Adrian Berumen

Bio Coming Soon.

Mark Odom

Mark Odom
8 Time San Antonio Guitar Wars Winner

-Born in Austin Texas 9/12/72

-Raised on music..all genres..mostly blues, blues rock, classic rock, country, hard rock.

-Play rhythm and lead guitar, acoustic live, and lead vocals. In studio play drums, bass, keys, vocals. etc etc.

-Started playing guitar as early as I can remember. Dad had, and still has a Gibson Hummingbird acoustic that totally mesmerized me as a child growing up. Would ask him to play every day and night for me.

-Influences: Guitar: Richie Sambora, Warren De Martini, Stevie Ray, Vai, several classic rock guitarists and country artists. Suprisingly influenced by quite a few drummers live..at concerts would always watch and listen to drummers...timing, styles, patterns, etc. Based a lot of my playing around beats, bass patterns etc. I don't really play in music stores, I may listen to anyone jamming, but I tend to just check out guitars, processors, equipment etc. It's not a phobia about playing in music stores, I just have never been a "store jammer real loud for hours" kinda player I guess.

-Favorite movie: Gladiator

-Favorite Guitars: EVH Wolfgangs, Fender Custom Shop Acoustic, Telecasters, I like relic and road worn beat up guitars...anything with character or a unique vibe.

- Have recorded for several artists in studio..engineer and produce as well. Full production. Love cinematography, music soundtracks etc.

-Shared stages with Ludacris, Jack Ingram, Tracy Lawrence, Restless Heart, Texaco Country Showdown Backing Band, Gary P. Nunn, Xhibit, Rebecca Valadez, others.

-In high school would practice 10+ hours daily, trying to develop my own style of playing, just basically learning to make a guitar talk. That's my goal, give it a voice of its own. To speak thru the guitar...hence my album, "My Time To Speak", a musical journey on the guitar if you will.

-Some music on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.

-Love listening to all types of music, and try to gather different vibes, sounds, etc to incorporate in my playing.

-Was diagnosed with MS, Multiple Sclerosis, in 2010, two days after winning Guitar Wars, Was paralyzed in left arm, hands, etc. a few days later. Lost total ability to play guitar, but strived to relearn, feel again (literally), and have come back to win Guitar Wars a few times since. Blessed.

Zach Carney

Zach Carney is an artist best known for his triple threat versatility in his vocals, guitar playing, and songwriting. He spends his days practicing, writing, and recording and his nights putting his knowledge to the rest at venues all around the hill country. His influences in music include an equally versatile list ranging from Ray LaMontagne, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Sarah Bareilles, John Mayer, and Zac Brown Band just to list a few of many. He has been a full time musician for over a year with a hunger to continue to have success in his career. He is currently working on his first album release which he hopes to have out at the end of November 2017.

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